The Dark Within

The sole aim of this poetry was to heal by writing down all those things that stopped one from healing. It is dark and sometimes full of anger and hatred, but there is also hope there as well.

Aroha Mai

Aroha nui atu

Aroha nui mai

Rain drenched streets

Overflowing gutters

Reflect my inner most thoughts

Tears fall freely

Heart is heavy with sorrow

And soul is torn and frayed

Torn for you

Torn for me

Torn for those you leave behind

Wind now howls

Rain thrashes the pavement beating its chest

The world cries for you

Kei te tangi au

Kei te tangi rāua

Kei te tangi mātau

Aroha nui atu

Aroha nui mai

Old Woman

She sat me down and held my hand

Wiping my tears with her laced handkerchief

and said...

Sometimes I feel the sadness breaking through the dawn

Knowing that all too soon the reality of day must be faced.

But cry not for me and when you remember me,

Remember that sadness and pleasure are merely the same.


Death offers such an exquisite release from a long life.

For I am old and have lived a lifetime of delight and regret,

Of grief and joy, of heartache and of love.

For without one there can not be the other.

Do not weep my child for even in my death there is a sweetness.

As my body is lain to rest remember me with happiness,

And remember that I loved you no matter your deed,

So, do not weep my child but smile for me instead.

Pedestal of Love

I put you on a pedestal

You made me feel that I was blessed

You left a mark upon heart and soul

In my eyes you were the best

Though it seems like yesterday

Years later I still mourn

Because when you left

My heart and soul were torn