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Lost Luna Update

5/1/2024 A lot has happened since I last updated my webpage.

The Lost Luna has undergone some changes. Originally, it was going to be a standalone novel, but has now ended up as one of five in the series and is called Hidden Legacy.

Book 1: The Lost Luna

Book 2: The Lost Princess

Book 3: The Love of a Beta

Book 4: The Gamma and her Twin Alphas

Book 5: The Lycan King's Mate

Also, there is a new cover by Rose Proffitt. She will be doing all five covers to maintain a consistent theme.

Book 1 is now out on Amazon. Book 2 is finished and in the proofreading stage. Book 3 is a third of the way through being written and both books 4 and 5 are in the planning stage.

The Lost Luna Update

6/10/2022: I am now halfway through the book, with 41 of 82 chapters written. A total of 41.6k words were written and projected to be around 80k words in total. 

GoodNovel (The Lost Luna)

5/10/2022: After almost a month of signing a contract, I have over 100 subscribers and over 300 readers. Thanks to all my awesome readers. Although I haven't published all the written chapters so far, I am almost halfway through writing the entire novel. It seems like I might be a month ahead of myself. Once I am three-quarters of the way through, I will be starting book 2 of the Alpha's Mate. I am also publishing an anthology of poems.

GoodNovel (The Alpha's Mate)

25/09/2022: After almost 2 months since I signed a contract with GoodNovel, I have over 350 subscribers and 1.5k readers. Thanks to all my awesome readers out there.


This just speaks to my inner geek. I have always wanted pencils with my name on them, and now I have enough to last a lifetime... or a year if I let my students use them. I am sure they eat them. I am forever running out of pencils.

Published to WebNovel

24/09/2022: For those using the WebNovel app, the completed novel Book 1 of The Alpha's Mate, Finding His Luna, is now up and available - LINK.

The Lost Luna Update

11/9/2022: Just finished writing Chapter 25 (out of 80). Daemon and Adriana were not adjusting well to being fated mates, and have just had their biggest argument yet. There was certainly a big surprise for Daemon, and surprised he certainly was. Adriana and Clio, her wolf, won't put up with his Alpha bullshit, that's for sure.

Latest Signed Book

8/9/2022: I have just been signed by GoodNovel for my latest novel The Lost Luna. - Link


The Red Devil Pack (under the guise of rogues) attacked the Silver Wolf Pack and killed everyone except the pregnant Luna who wasn’t there at the time. She went into hiding, and before her daughter turned 18, she passed away. Her daughter, Adriana, has grown up thinking she is nothing more than an Omega until she finds out she is the fated mate of the Alpha, Daemon, in the pack she has been hiding. He doesn’t want a mate, especially an Omega but finds he cannot reject her. He finds out that she is much more than he realises, and he has to save her from those who would harm her for the power she brings.

Paperback Copies

30/08/2022: Today my proof copies of Book 1 - Finding His Luna of the Alpha's Mate came in the post. As much as I like the ease of e-books, nothing beats having a paperback copy to touch. I am just disappointed that past of my COVID symptoms is lost of smell. There is something about the smell of a freshly printed book.

Completed Status

30/08/2022: As of today, Book 1 - Finding His Luna of the Alpha's Mate is fully published to GoodNovel and has completed status from my editor. Also, today I put my next novel The Lost Luna forward for a contract with GoodNovel. Here's hoping!

Chapter 1 - Where It All Started

Eighteen 1/2 Years Ago

Mara's Point of View

One by one, I could feel their deaths. All of them. Every single one of them.

"Mara! You must go straight to Mitchell and Lana. They will protect you,"" were the last words I heard from my beloved mate Davide as he mind-linked me.

"Davide!" I screamed back at him across the mental void. "Davide! Why have you left us?"

Our entire pack wiped out within an hour of them attacking. Rogues from what I had managed to hear from the mind-links, before it all went silent.

What if I had not been out of the pack that day for a routine doctor's appointment?. Davide had a lot of work on, so I went by myself. Once I had been to the doctors, I stayed and got my nails done. It was a wonderful afternoon that turned to hell. 

Now, I was packless and without a mate. I couldn't return and follow him to his death because I carried our unborn daughter. There would be time for that later, once she was born and grown up. Until then, I would write down as much as I could in journals, so she would have something to read once I was gone.

Mitchell's Point of View

"Alpha Mitchell, a pregnant she-wolf at the gate. She says you know her, and she is asking to see you and the Luna. She says her name is Mara. Shall I let her in?" mind-linked one of the gate guards.

"Mara? Here now? Yes, bring her up to the packhouse now," I replied to him.

"Lana? Can you meet me in my office? Mara is here," I asked my Luna mate.

"Mara is here? What does she want?" Lana answered.

"I don't know, but it must be serious since she didn't use any titles with the guards."

"I'll come down soon."

Lana, my mate and Luna had just conceived again, and we were expecting a daughter. She was only two months behind Mara.

I found it strange that the guard only said Mara and not her title of Luna. Luna Mara and Alpha Davide ruled the Silver Wolf Pack. It was also odd that he was not accompanying her either. Their pack and ours, the Black Wolf Pack, were allies. Our lands were close, though it would take an hour to drive from one packhouse to the other. Still, we spent time with each other and considered them close friends. 

When we discovered that Mara was pregnant with a girl, we discussed the possibility of mating our son. We had an eight-year-old son who would take over the leadership of Alpha from me. Sometimes packs bonded themselves to another pack by choice mates, especially if their fated mates didn't show.

By the time Lana had come downstairs to my office, Mara had arrived with the guard. She appeared exhausted. I could see it in her eyes; her unusual violet eyes were dull and almost grey. Despite being heavily pregnant, she shouldn't have looked this bad. Mara had a haunted look about her and had obviously been crying.

"Mara dear," said Lana, "what on earth has happened?"

"I don't think they were rogues. I have a suspicion that it was another pack using rogues that attacked us. Davide is gone! They're all dead. Every single one of them is dead. I felt them all."

"Thank the Goddess you made it," I said.

I was absolutely shocked. The Silver Wolf Pack had contained at least 50 wolves. While it wasn't a large pack, it was rich. Davide was a shrewd businessman and had amassed a fair fortune. Although it couldn't compare to the Black Wolf Pack in size or wealth, it was still of note.

"If I weren't carrying Adriana, then I would have gone and died with Davide. I will join him when Adriana reaches 18 years of age."

"Why didn't you call us?" I asked. "We would have come straight away. Our warriors could have stopped the slaughter."

"They attacked us yesterday. It was a sneak attack. They cut off our communication and took out our guards. We were outnumbered and overpowered. The only reason I am alive is that I was at an appointment in town. I didn't even take a guard because usually there wasn't a need."

I could feel the despair coming off Mara and was thankful that my mate was safe. To lose one's mate was effectively a death sentence. I was sure that Mara hadn't returned to be by Davide's side because she was pregnant and needed to keep her daughter safe.

"Well, at least you and your daughter-to-be are safe," said Lana. "We need to prepare you a room. You can stay here with us. Once you have rested, we can discuss what you want to do."

Lana took Mara upstairs and put her into one of our guest suites. She stayed in a different room than she had previously stayed with Davide because it would have been cruel to have a constant reminder of Davide. 

I also arranged for the pack doctor to come up and check her. Most wolves are fine during their pregnancy, but Mara had been through hell. She would have felt the link to every member of her pack as they died. The pain and anguish could have killed her, and it might also have had a severe effect on the unborn pup. It would be best to get her checked out as soon as possible.

Mara's child most likely carried the Alpha gene, and they were rare. Hence, it was imperative that her baby survived to adulthood. Once she mated and had her own pups, she would hopefully continue the Alpha gene for another generation. 

It didn't always work like that, but usually, an Alpha mated and produced the next generation of Alphas. The next were those who were Beta, then unranked werewolves. At the bottom were Omegas. They didn't have wolves but still had some genetic links to us. They weren't exactly human, as their senses were heightened. They also healed faster than humans, but not as quickly as those with wolves. Often if a werewolf mated with a human, then their offspring would be an Omega.

The following morning, Mara came and joined our family for breakfast.

"I want to talk to you about settling here if you will have me," Mara said. "I am happy to give up my rank and declare my allegiance to you until my daughter becomes an adult. After that, we could discuss what will happen. What do you think?"

"I have no problem with you staying here," I stated, "but your eyes are rather unique. Someone is bound to notice and say something. After all, you are not a stranger here."

"I could wear colour contacts easily enough. I often used them when I didn't want to stand out. If Adriana has my eyes, then I can easily home-school her. No one would think it strange if I lived in the Omega quarter. Not all of them go to school, do they?"

"Surely you wouldn't want to live with the Omegas!" Lana said. "While we look after them, they are rankless, less than the unranked wolves."

"I know," I stated, having devised a plan. "If you live in the Omega area, I will set you up so you don't have to work. Raise Adriana and, if necessary, home-school her. We will keep you both hidden and safe."

"You don't have to set me up," Mara responded. "I still have access to our accounts. They might have destroyed the pack, but they didn't get any of the monetary wealth. I will have enough to live on and also leave Adriana comfortable."

"If that is what you want to do, then fine," Lana said, "You will always be our friend and can call on us if you need us."



In the beginning, there was nothing, just chaos. From chaos came the primordial beings. The first primordial being to spring forth from the void of chaos was Gaea, the Earth Mother.

Through a virgin birth, her son and eventual husband was born. He was Ouranos, the Sky Father, and their love was such that it would last until the last universe exploded into nothing.

Together, they sired the Titans, the Hekatonkheires known as the Hundred-Handed Ones and the Elder Cyclops. Two of the Titans were Hyperion and Theia, who gave birth to Selene, the Moon Goddess and a favourite grandchild of Gaia.

Selene created the werewolves who worshipped her and loved her. She gave them three aspects: a human phase to hide in society, a wolf phase so they could hide in nature, and finally, a Lycan phase that was half-man and half-beast, that would be imbued with power and strength.

Werewolves were also blessed with long lives and youth that spanned many centuries. Selene blessed each werewolf with a true mate.

The werewolves' love for their one true mate was similar to the love her grandparents had for each other. A love so strong that should any of her werewolves reject their mate, it would be painful and they would lose a part of themselves.

There were two such werewolves, ​Liekos and Lycandra, who Selene favoured. They mated and produced two sons, of which the eldest, Lycae, became King of all the werewolves.

Lycae fell in love with a mortal woman and gave up his throne to his younger brother, Leto. Leto and his children went on to rule the werewolves around the world.

Lycae gave up his long life and youth to remain with his human mate. They had many children who were part human and part wolf, but their wolf aspects never showed.

There is a prophecy. It states that one day, a female child of Lycae would find her journey back to werewolf society. She would become one of the most powerful werewolves to ever walk this earth.

This werewolf would be so powerful that other creatures of the night would never be able to stand against them. Even now, werewolves are looking for the child of Lycae and hoping she will be their fated mate.


In this world, werewolf law states that only humans who are fated mates may be turned into werewolves and only with consent. There are three Kingdoms in the world and are ruled by those who are direct descendants of King Leto. Only these direct descendants have white fur tinged with a golden colour.

There are some pure wolf-born packs who refuse to mate with humans for they feel it will dilute the pureness of that line. If they find that their fated mate is a human, they will either reject or kill that human, and choose another mate.

Werewolves have three aspects: They appear human, but still have wolf-like powers. They are usually taller and stronger than most humans. They have a Lycan aspect and a wolf aspect. Both of these aspects are large creatures.