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About the Author

Nikora Clegg lives in Wellington, New Zealand, writing fantasy fiction and poetry for both children and adults. She is also an artist and likes painting and drawing in different styles. She has a music degree from the New Zealand School of music, as well as a diploma in voice with top honours. Nikora is a primary school teacher who is exceptionally passionate about teaching creative art and literacy to her students.

New Release

Hidden Legacy Book 1: The Lost Luna

The Red Devil Pack (under the guise of rogues) attacked the Silver Wolf Pack and killed everyone except the pregnant Luna, who wasn′t there at the time. She went into hiding, and before her daughter turned 18, she passed away. Her daughter, Adriana, has grown up thinking she is nothing more than an Omega until she finds out she is the fated mate of the Alpha, Daemon, in the pack she has been hiding. He doesn′t want a mate, especially an Omega but finds he cannot reject her. He finds out that she is much more than he realises, and he has to save her from those who would harm her for the power she brings.

Book 1 is now out on Amazon in paperback, hardback and Kindle.

Cover by Rose Proffitt

Published chapters of this book are currently available on Good Novel, iReader and iStory. Books 1 and 2 are complete, with Book 3 being currently written. These will become available on Amazon.

New Release

This story is R18. It contains some violence and sex scenes.

You can purchase a paperback or kindle copy of Book 1: Finding His Luna from Amazon - LINK. Kindle Unlimited is also available.

Access to this book is also available on GoodNovel online and will soon be available on Webnovel.

Update 24/09/2022: It is now on WebNovel.


Images used from Pixabay

Crescent Moon Mark created by Nikora Clegg

© Nikora Clegg 2022

This graphic is used in the paperback version of the Alpha's Mate.

Images used from Pixabay

Wolf created by Nikora Clegg

© Nikora Clegg 2022

This graphic is used in the paperback version of The Lost Luna (coming out December 2022).